Sunday, January 19, 2014

Welcome to Camelot

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  • Print Length:416 pages
  • Publisher:Loveswept (March 11, 2013)
  • Sold by:Random House LLC
  • Language:English

Ellen Callahan is a single mother and sister to rock star Jamie Callahan. During her childhood she had been forced by her mother to make Jamie to become successful. Now she lives next door to Jamie's former girlfriend Carly who is pregnant. Both Ellen and Carly are under surveillance by the paparazzi and Jamie's security firm hires Caleb Clark, former Army MP, to protect them.

The problem is that Ellen treasures her independence from her alcholic ex-husband who never met a woman he didn't like. She is determined to raise her son Henry on her own and believes that there is nothing that can't handle. She disagrees with Caleb on every security measure he wants to implement for her.

When Jamie returns to town woo Carly. after deciding that he was missing out on a family life by being on the road the attention heats up with paparazzi all over Ellen and Carly's neighborhood in Camelot, Ohio. Carly's grandmother is a feisty character who enjoys watching Jamie's attempts to get back into Carly's good graces.

There is also Caleb's family and this book has a story arc for Katie, Caleb's sister. Hopefully hers is the next book as I like Katie and want her to have a story. I admired Caleb's determination in going after Ellen but her resistance to Caleb's attempts to protect her was too overbearing at times. Atthough, Caleb seemed too patient with Ellen while she fought herself and him trying to decide their relationship.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hot Cops

Arrested By Love: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance by Virna DePaul

Publisher: Loveswept Contemporary (May 27, 2013)

Review copy provided by Net Galley

Virna DePaul's Arrested by Love features three novellas under one cover. The novellas are connected by the heroes who are police officers and two of the novellas include menage scenes.

"Copping to It" is the story of Claire and Ty who go some extremes to protect their undercover work. Claire is a journalist who has been profiling a gang while Ty is an undercover detective working within the gang. Claire and Ty had a previous relationship which she ended because she was afraid to reveal her naughtier side to Ty. In spite of danger from the gang, Claire and Ty can't keep their hands off each other. Ty even invites his partner Luke to join them in a menage.

"Cop Appeal" features Sarah and Luke who had previously been lovers. Sarah married another cop and divorced him when he showed how abusive he could be. His abuse even led to him stalking Sarah. Again, this story has a menage with Luke's colleague Noah.

"Copping Attitude" is about Jenna and Noah. Noah has wanted to know Jenna better for weeks but she is the survivor of a sexual assault and she wants revenge on her attacker. Noah is a compassionate lover who shows her that men can be tender.

The emotional connections between the lovers in each novella were clearly descrbied drawing me into each story. While I enjoyed all three novellas, it was Jenna and Noah's story which touched me th most. The care he took with her not to frighten her in their first sexual encounter made this a heart warming story.